I like the French Style

It was about 8.

I sat alone, sipping a cup of coffee and reading this new book I have.

And then you came. All tall and suit and tie.


We only have beer, one for each and bottle it up til the store close.

Cheap beers over talks – much I miss taste of good quality booze. And remembering that once gin tonic feels great!

“I can make that.”


So here we are, at your apartment room. 35th floor.

Where city provides it’s light and motion of its breathe.

Sudden suffocation of its beats.


Sexual Healing on playing.


I turn my head and you’re still making that gin tonic.

2 fancy glasses in front of my eyes – and lo-fi echoing the room.

I scroll the books store at your shelf you have.

You read Paulo Coelho much, huh?


Please, seat.


Smokes merely there, you ask me to open the window.

And we talk while sipping good quality of booze.

You got mad as I compare that fine wine smells with vodka.


The alcohol starts to kick in.

And I tell you I’ll go as soon as I sober up.


A firm hand grip me

Pull me closer

To beating heart layer with white shirt and suit.

And closer.

To lip which resonance the vibe of night tune


I call your name

Lot and lot

As midnight swift to dawn and turn my city to it deep sleep death


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Come Back to Bed, pretty please?

Come back to bed.

And let’s never leave.


Let’s never put on underwear ever again.

And shiver due to morning shower.


Let’s never take bus at 7 for work at 8.

And making coffee shot to jump off your morning.


Let’s never wonder what for lunch.

And food coma aftermath.


Let’s never leave the bed.

Let’s do it all over again what we’re just finish.

Let’s eat on bed.

Let’s roll to each other.


Since I’m still wearing your work shirt,

I won’t let you leave.

You have no permit to leave the bed.

And, you can’t.

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Luke Warm Water

It’s been a long day.

She woke up a little too late this morning.

Her room is a mess when she left for work.


She didn’t even put her brow right!


Phone call rush as her sat on her chair.

Oh, it’s starting. The works mode hectic.

Zombie mode.


At around 4, she got a phone call. From a guy that she would see for dinner.

“Yup, you can pick me up at 5. Okay, see you!”


Gentle rain started to pour in.

And she’s unwind. For these past days, months, and years.

*sounds of click and car door closed*


“Whoa, you are so soaked. Sorry for being late. Shall we?”

As she looked down to her shirt and skirt with some discolored stain of wet.

Wondered how she become this wet. She only stands for a bit under the grey clouds, tho.


Merely aware her whereabouts.

Still shiver and cold. Hot ocha doesn’t help.  Sushi cheer her some bit of time.


“Drop me here. It’s okay, I will order Uber here. Yeah thanks!”


*sounds of click and car door closed*

It wasn’t so far to her flat. She started to walk and soaked even deeper with pretty rain pouring out. Blurring her gaze.



sounds of door open and close.


She undressed, tossing all her bag and shoe towards any direction.

Grabbed a towel, rushing in to bathroom.


And set the heater to luke warm temperature.

She dwell and sway of ticking water that hits the bathroom floor.

Moving as small sort of rain ask her for a dance.

Leaning herself to wall.

Heading her face upwards and embracing drop of water.


Mesmerize by luke warm water, she’s alone.


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I always be the one who half naked.

It’s 3:28 pm in Jakarta. Heat and sunlight coming thru like hell getting near.


And dash of me half naked around night memories hit like striking thru sun.


I recall I will always be the on who half naked.

On the very first encounters down to last,

On the backseat or on the floor,

I always be the one who half naked.


I was, don’t mind

With hands linger directly to my skin, and lip going crazy on my neck.

I was, don’t mind

When your hand grabbing my thigh firm and slowly dance to my core.

I was, don’t mind

With you always be the one who pleased.

I was, don’t mind

To drive around midnight.


I always be the one who half naked.

And you always be the one who never get undress, except the zip of your pant.

I was, don’t mind

Getting exploit


And this sudden realization,

What a slave of foolish, I was.


I always be the one who half naked,

Embodies the flaw of law attraction.


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How much I miss the taste of your lip

cig lit

lip seal

and skin to skin


as my vision is already blurred,

but darling

it’s vivid clear how we sway at night


and the reminiscing taste of your lip

tho it sips some beers

and smoke some cigars


it still as tasteful as I last remember.


the dark getting the night seal

and that’s what I need

night getting colder

but our heat sparks fire


this night is mysterious

and we ride it as we never gonna stop

again and again

breathing the sinful clouds


and here I am,

sitting on a balcony with cigar lit linger on my finger

trace it back to pieces

to your lip


How much I miss the taste of your lip

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Around midnight, She has a thrill ride.

It’s midnight.

Minimum notions of city breathe & dim lights wrap the town.


And she choked.

With eyes open, sight seeing is limited wide of ceiling – almost all dark and slight light beam striking thru off the clear looking glass.

Reflecting to what left of the world : moon and cloudy sky.

And with the help of it,

She is able to see a figure who’s on top of her.

Whom shadow cover its eyes,

but it doesn’t able to hide its gaze.


Swaying all way thru around.

Up and down, back and forth.


It is dancing. Tender moves.

With delicate swipe of skin to skin.


Bare and majestic.


But firm still,


give some sort of shock striking and chilling to bones.

Alerting all the nerves and mucles.


She is sinning to the night.

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Silhouette of a Shadow

Sounds of howling dog wake me up.

‘This puppy must be hungry’.

As I try to shake of my sheet and wake up, what hold me the most is your arm who stretch its way to hold wrap all my body.

My almost naked body with just night gown that barely cover a thing.

But foremost, darling, is your lingering smell and how you make me feel thru out the night.

Leaving the bed will always be hard time for me.


Thus I will savor every edges of your skin while you asleep.

Every turn of your body,

Every muscle of your arm,

The hard tender of your chest,

Every layer of your hair,

Every corner of your lip.


My fingers will dance and sway upon it. Slow as it will never leave.

I take a glance of what God has created.

This perfection and flaw in one creature.

The sleeping Greek God.


My fingertips draw on your lip, memorizing every corner.

And this puppy bark.

I, with reluctant, shake off my sheet and stand.

Taking last glance of a sleeping man safe and sound on a crib.

And shiver as I remind what he’s capable of when he’s awake.


‘Yea I will feed you. Here’s puppy, eat a lot’

I lean on the wall while watching this puppy eat like this is his last meal.

And my mind is empty as it’s midnight and I barely functioning.


Somewhat I feel the air on my back is mild and ticklish.

Like wind softly blows between trees at Fall. A pleasant blows.

And I see a silhouette of dark shadow rise upon me.

Perfectly fit and wrap mind under the low dim light.

I know I will be more than pleased to embrace whatever crawl behind me.

Soft and firm touch of your arm wrap my body,

And delicate kiss you drop on my neck.

I shiver.


I do remember what he capable of.


And gently you turn me to face you and I barely breathe.

I close my eyes to suck all the moment when you linger your finger up from my hair and down to my ear.

And down to my hand.


Grabbing it gently but firm, you lead my way.

I know what you capable of.


And I know you will conduct the same performance you showed.

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Morning After


with mild hangover and spin of my head I barely open my eyes and functioning.

how many drinks I drank last night, I cannot count.

as I slowly try to separate the lid between my eyes, the sun striking thru hard and shut my attempt.

slowly adapting to the light, I open my eyes.

And there you are,


Beside me, sleeping safe and sound.

With jawline hit and lip seal as it is has the world deepest secret.

and shut eyes of you, darling, cannot contain how it spark universe greatest sightseeing.

depth of abyss.


I run my fingers within your forehead,

all thru your ear, jaw, and chin.

I knocked it as it will open your sealed lip.


My linger finger dance to your nose,

touch it as it is part of art,

admiring every edges.


And down to your cupid bow.

I draw your lip all way thru.

Slowly spinning it all way thru.

I want to picturise and keep it in my memory.


I shiver as I remember what that lip capable of.

I lean in more and more to your open arm and bust my head to your bare chest.

Bare hard delicate chest.


My finger cannot contain the urge to do another dance, my apologize.

Finger tipping on your shoulder, firm shoulder.

It pacing its way to your arm so tender and smooth.

It moves as it doesn’t want to leave,

Because again, dear, it moves it way to memorize every edge of you.

Inch to inch, every nerve.


Down to your arm, my finger jump to your firm but delicate chest.

A place for my head to lay.

This one I don’t need to dance on as I remember every turn on it.


I snug deeper and deeper. I don’t care if the air starts to rare as I sink my nose to your embrace.

I just want to live here.


and then, a tender touch of soft lip land it kiss on my forehead.

I wake up the greek God and it throws the most suffocating smile I ever seen.


I shiver again.

As your hand caress my head,

dancing it off down to my shoulder.

And tipping to my arm,

my back,

and by one quick move I am in you. In your wrap.


Nothing but sheet and quilt on us.

And slowly creeping it way between us,

heat and sparks.

Of all rides we had before land of dream cathing in.


It’s up.

And we both about to start it again.


With the help of the playlist we made : Xx

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Linen Memoir

I go to bed early today

No, I’m not that tired

Just somehow the bed attracts me to sink within, between virtues and reality.

As I turn my bluetooth speaker on,

Miguel is on playing. Coffee is echoing sweetly in my room.

I open my bra and toast it anywhere. My chest has suffer enough.

As I lay my head and snug my pillow with new linen,

I got all my nerve on sting and thrilled all over my body.

So, we use the same softener?

And geez how much flashes this smell has brought me into.

I was partly sober, how much drink I had before?

And pain, yup I did fall and thanks for catching me.

I was so in between, the severe pain in my head and struggle to function in such noon,

As I felt tender stroke of firm hand reaching my body in to vanish the space between your beard and my hair.

I was aware of what happen, and in fact, I’m loving it.

The reach was more than just tender, it turns to grab and attempt to make one single body in a bed.

I turned my head to grab more vivid look of you.

Hmm nope just your beard.

And sunlight hitting thru curtain shamelessly.

And I choose to sink in your wrap.

Laying all my head to your chest.

And you pulled me more, and more, closer.

I chill.

As the warmth remind me how true your arm give me.

I turned my head again.

And we both knew where it leads.

It all started from small peck.

And tender kiss.

Rolling over on of each other.

To roughly passionate intimacy.

Ended by warm snug.

Warmth of your arm wrap my body, one I cannot forget.

And I’m not quite sure is the spin you gave me,

or just gravity and rotation of planets,

Sun started fading away.

And we both tucked away, again.

I sniff the new linen of my pillow.

Such harmony it stimulates to my brain.

Awaken all single movement of Monday.

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Two Bodies

Been a long time to let my mind fantasize wildly so here we go,

(Ps. please be mind with the word fantasizethanks.)



it’s been a really long time. 

a really, really long time.

since your lip pressed mine in the most sensual way

with life happening and we both walk our own path,


I barely remember

the shiver you gave as your fingers lingers on my skin


but tonight

as my Spotify weekly decide to give such songs,

I cannot restrain myself to be in longing.

In longing of us.

In longing of how some nights turn be


How simple sips got lost in voices

How forehead kisses went down straight to tongue

How simple night trips drove us into such a ride

How the rush of our blood crash into the night breathe : 

dim lights, moans, and slurty

Combine with heat, sweat, and my car cologne.


So the lyric goes: ‘I’m so ready to dimp my mind’

‘I don’t mind if you take advantages of me’

from Two Bodies – Flight Facilities.


Ain’t us?




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