have you ever meet someone

engage with them

and they make you feel some sort of way?


duh what am I talking about of course you have.

but this feeling can’t be express with emotions nor words.

you correlate them much with tunes and how it makes you feel.


I do. I really do.

Been thru that for past 1 and a half year and the set of the playlist had changed thru times

from what he ask me to take listen and my own discovery and how I relate to his presence much.

from Konservatif by The Adams and all.

to Soundcloud findings.


This particular set makes me feel some sorta way.

Of ease, pleasure, and wistful.

It almost tear me in every melody in a really blessful way.


So here I present, the Solitude


It is settle. I will marry my Spotify Playlist.

They always accommodating in many way.

Thru night full of despair, cry and chocolate, lust, and distressed.
They always be fun companion thru everything.

Morning, day, and night.

Bed, office desk, and strolls.

They’ll be there and present. And echoing it melodies of its fittest.
They are all in one package.

I mean, Zhu, The Internet, and Tender.

Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Copeland. Flight Facilities.


Sometimes Drake. Other times, Jhene Aiko.

And random Weekly Playlist.
Ps, I’m just roaring my perfect hubby out loud to y’all. You may here but SURELY, you can’t TOUCH THIS BITCH THIS IS MINE. FREAKING MINE.

Coffee, Evening, and Tranquil

As before I made post about my ‘Ultimate Playlist’ to hear for such situation,

In this post I’ll put my perfect playlist for another situation:

coffee, evening, and tranquil.

These songs are much I associate with sips of coffee, good book or flow of evening contemplation thoughts, light walk around the city, a good laugh, conversation from 5 til the sun slowly fading away, and tranquility.

I much link it with a few solitude moment I have in my life – those moments I would like to have as my day end. Evening stroll around the city with no map except our feet lead us to circular motion at an exact same pedestrian walk for 5 rounds.

Well, the phrase above is with companion.

I am also listening to these at my favourite spot of book corner, reading Eka Kurniawan, sipping my 3rd cups of coffee, and already spilling my wave of thoughts for the second time – this time about how scary life have been.

Please do check and take a listen!

Copeland – Ordinary

Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz

Santa Monica Dream – Angus and Julia Stone

Eternal Sunshine – Jhene Aiko

Song on The Beach; Photograph (ost. Her) – Arcade Fire

Time and Fallen Leaves – Akmu

O – Coldplay

Falling In Love In Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg

Cayman Islands – Kings of Convenience

Daydreaming – Radiohead

5 On A Joyride – Cody Chesnutt

The Moon Song – Karen O & Erza Koenig

And of course,

Coffee – Copeland


I hope this tunes find you well.

And escort you to tranquility the same taste as it escort me.

This ultimate playlist have been a really great companion starts from first chapter of my thesis and the exact time I continue my read of ‘Manusia Harimau’ from Eka Kurniawan.

The Ultimate Playlist of All

We always got our playlist contain with our most ultimate songs in which we won’t able to delete from our phone, just skip it maybe. But never, ever delete it.

And thus, you got your jam.

Your ultimate tunes and echo of all voices exist in the universe.

And mine happens to be like this.

I called it ”Ultimate Sex Playlist’ – listening to this playlist uplift me to a new horizon with sensual touch – such orgasm!

Soft thrill and shiver it brings and not to mention fascinating video with a bit psychedelic touch!

And this one. At some moment this song represent much of my longing and needs. So damn slurty.

ZHU IS MY ULTIMATE PRODUCER OF THIS SHIT. I will always longing for him, he’s my cocaine model.

FREAKIN ZHU I CAN’T EVEN. I love him. And to this song, I imagine many stuff happens. Whoops!

Oh. My. God. This sway tho, I imagine being tipsy sipping my 4th glass of wine and do a little dancy as the dark catching in… Ugh.

Once you go black, you never go back. And bitch this is truth. Freaking tunes and the lyrics tho. But most, how it thrill you to such a ride.

I fulfill my desire with this song. And Chris Lorenzo is my another man.