Sweet thee sound.
Of crashing solid iron of train rail – and minimum notion of the living.
It’s a night train so nothing much happen.
Sweet thee sound.
Of songs off from my phone.
Echoing beat or gentle rhythm of notes.
Delivering certain kind of lyrics and atmosphere,
And mood.
Today is just so unlucky me.
I tripped hard and make another bruises on my body. Weekend love to crash me with bruises – at club or accident.
I bought the wrong ticket and ALMOST saying bye to Jakarta.
Somehow I trapped and bought expensive shit that not a necessity.
Above all, along the thumping beat of train rail – and certain mood being delivered by my playlist, I’m in deep emotion of baby blue.
No not that kind of baby blue thanks.
Just certain feel of whatever passed and done leave me nothing but empty and none and sort of disappointment.
To all entities and moments.
To people around that being so stupid.
To all talks and sips and laughs with people.
To my own self to let me feel that way and letting things go under the skin.
Yeah I know baby blue is not a really good phrase to use as metaphor.
Between the dark of night face and sudden random song played one record of random Tinder finding singing Paper Heart,
Baby blue is one I find the fittest of all.
For able drawing all this out of nowhere sudden shifting mind.
I’m sort of hard people to convince of trusting and all.
And as things start to get real I will in such form of denial and pushing everything.
Geez what even this thing.
Anyway, congratulations you just spend times of yours for nothing.


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