As the Science Creeping in once a while in a month

  1. Me and bed are one. Unseparated.
  2. Pigging out like a lot of snacks and beverages all sweet treats and greasy food.
  3. Lot of YouTube scroll. Tons of it. And I always bump to Buzzfeed particularly BuzzFeed Unsolved, this show give a hint of grin once a while and Shane and Ryan are My Fave Ghost (kinda) Buster
  4. Cramp and lot of “Argh”, “Why”, and whine. And bed rolls or doing that ass going up face facing down not in a sensual way.
  5. I project and vision and applicate as an independent person and ignorant person. As this science got me, I will be a needy-pain in the ass bitch with rant and be weighing people with hormonal changes and this sensitive, I mean poorly sensitive side. I gotta need extra care and effort to cope and bear with.

Why is it matters to put here? Dunno.

Ah to give anyone a link to when they out of sudden get tons of chat or calls with just whine, or give anyone hints how to deal with barely functioning me.



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