Silhouette of a Shadow

Sounds of howling dog wake me up.

‘This puppy must be hungry’.

As I try to shake of my sheet and wake up, what hold me the most is your arm who stretch its way to hold wrap all my body.

My almost naked body with just night gown that barely cover a thing.

But foremost, darling, is your lingering smell and how you make me feel thru out the night.

Leaving the bed will always be hard time for me.


Thus I will savor every edges of your skin while you asleep.

Every turn of your body,

Every muscle of your arm,

The hard tender of your chest,

Every layer of your hair,

Every corner of your lip.


My fingers will dance and sway upon it. Slow as it will never leave.

I take a glance of what God has created.

This perfection and flaw in one creature.

The sleeping Greek God.


My fingertips draw on your lip, memorizing every corner.

And this puppy bark.

I, with reluctant, shake off my sheet and stand.

Taking last glance of a sleeping man safe and sound on a crib.

And shiver as I remind what he’s capable of when he’s awake.


‘Yea I will feed you. Here’s puppy, eat a lot’

I lean on the wall while watching this puppy eat like this is his last meal.

And my mind is empty as it’s midnight and I barely functioning.


Somewhat I feel the air on my back is mild and ticklish.

Like wind softly blows between trees at Fall. A pleasant blows.

And I see a silhouette of dark shadow rise upon me.

Perfectly fit and wrap mind under the low dim light.

I know I will be more than pleased to embrace whatever crawl behind me.

Soft and firm touch of your arm wrap my body,

And delicate kiss you drop on my neck.

I shiver.


I do remember what he capable of.


And gently you turn me to face you and I barely breathe.

I close my eyes to suck all the moment when you linger your finger up from my hair and down to my ear.

And down to my hand.


Grabbing it gently but firm, you lead my way.

I know what you capable of.


And I know you will conduct the same performance you showed.


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