Morning After


with mild hangover and spin of my head I barely open my eyes and functioning.

how many drinks I drank last night, I cannot count.

as I slowly try to separate the lid between my eyes, the sun striking thru hard and shut my attempt.

slowly adapting to the light, I open my eyes.

And there you are,


Beside me, sleeping safe and sound.

With jawline hit and lip seal as it is has the world deepest secret.

and shut eyes of you, darling, cannot contain how it spark universe greatest sightseeing.

depth of abyss.


I run my fingers within your forehead,

all thru your ear, jaw, and chin.

I knocked it as it will open your sealed lip.


My linger finger dance to your nose,

touch it as it is part of art,

admiring every edges.


And down to your cupid bow.

I draw your lip all way thru.

Slowly spinning it all way thru.

I want to picturise and keep it in my memory.


I shiver as I remember what that lip capable of.

I lean in more and more to your open arm and bust my head to your bare chest.

Bare hard delicate chest.


My finger cannot contain the urge to do another dance, my apologize.

Finger tipping on your shoulder, firm shoulder.

It pacing its way to your arm so tender and smooth.

It moves as it doesn’t want to leave,

Because again, dear, it moves it way to memorize every edge of you.

Inch to inch, every nerve.


Down to your arm, my finger jump to your firm but delicate chest.

A place for my head to lay.

This one I don’t need to dance on as I remember every turn on it.


I snug deeper and deeper. I don’t care if the air starts to rare as I sink my nose to your embrace.

I just want to live here.


and then, a tender touch of soft lip land it kiss on my forehead.

I wake up the greek God and it throws the most suffocating smile I ever seen.


I shiver again.

As your hand caress my head,

dancing it off down to my shoulder.

And tipping to my arm,

my back,

and by one quick move I am in you. In your wrap.


Nothing but sheet and quilt on us.

And slowly creeping it way between us,

heat and sparks.

Of all rides we had before land of dream cathing in.


It’s up.

And we both about to start it again.


With the help of the playlist we made : Xx


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