The Ultimate Playlist of All

We always got our playlist contain with our most ultimate songs in which we won’t able to delete from our phone, just skip it maybe. But never, ever delete it.

And thus, you got your jam.

Your ultimate tunes and echo of all voices exist in the universe.

And mine happens to be like this.

I called it ”Ultimate Sex Playlist’ – listening to this playlist uplift me to a new horizon with sensual touch – such orgasm!

Soft thrill and shiver it brings and not to mention fascinating video with a bit psychedelic touch!

And this one. At some moment this song represent much of my longing and needs. So damn slurty.

ZHU IS MY ULTIMATE PRODUCER OF THIS SHIT. I will always longing for him, he’s my cocaine model.

FREAKIN ZHU I CAN’T EVEN. I love him. And to this song, I imagine many stuff happens. Whoops!

Oh. My. God. This sway tho, I imagine being tipsy sipping my 4th glass of wine and do a little dancy as the dark catching in… Ugh.

Once you go black, you never go back. And bitch this is truth. Freaking tunes and the lyrics tho. But most, how it thrill you to such a ride.

I fulfill my desire with this song. And Chris Lorenzo is my another man.



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