Gallery of literally only my face and about body shaming.

And yes I have flaws in some shoots. Dark armpits, a tummy, and so on. But I refuse to be socially acceptable, edit some to cover imperfections thus society will affirm my presence as girl in a photo shoot.
Stop body shaming and construct anyone around you to fit your vision or common people vision. The hell, I ain’t here to fullfil common vision of how a body should be. I enjoy eating pizza and sipping booze at 2 a.m. 🍕🍺

If it’s bugging some, these flaws, sorry not to sorry to be me. I know some of not mean to say and that’s okay! Put your thoughts about me but be mind that it bothers me, but no hard feelings on me.

And for those who think it grossed you out, you may scroll down.

And facing society with such mind is not easy. But I learn to embrace myself and accept myself. It’s fine to have flaws and still rock your version of fearless flawless self ❤

If I then workout or doing anything about these imperfections, is not to be acceptable for society but more about self pleasant, to be fit and healthy. 
So enjoy!

AND about responses of my small campaign, here some to enlightened more about body shaming. Cheers to us!


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