I love the Y in my name

It is all started with the ‘y’.



As ‘y’ is the shortened version of ‘why’

And lately, this kind of question been surround me for days.

Why you’ve been mourning all day long?

Why the hell this hellish foolish judgmental bitch cannot restrained themselves from speaking such idiotic phrases?

Why they cannot read my bold face saying ‘I don’t care’?

Why the road been stay like this for 4 hours long?

Why do I  buy these stuff?

Why my last week order haven’t arrived yet?

Whyyyy my pinky hurt out of nowhere? Just whyyyyyy?

Why, as my personal preference is the ultimate question of all.

And we earthlings been burden up to figure out the answer

Aren’t you all wonder why, in the morning you wake up after a night full of smokes and smells of liquors, you just can;t shake things off?

Or you’ve been wonder while you jump to house music, somehow your heart fill with these grey-ish color?



As the darkness fall and the night been so quite,

It is not solitude that you found within spaces and times

But flashes of past, memories, and rising heartbeat for the unknown future?

Call me a girl with so much question. Or define it as insecure

Heck I care

Or maybe I am

But I don’t bug

What bugging me is, why.

That the shortened version imply as the first alphabet of my name.



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