kata pukul 3 pagi

Pukul 3 dini hari

Kotaku seperti kota mati


Suara dengkur lembut terdengar dari bawah kaki

Anjingku masih bergelung dengan kepala tergolong di atas jari jemari



Aku mengingat patri-patri

Karena sekitar pukul segini

Banyak distraksi

Dan sekelebat itu ini


Ah, ih!

Ada baju yang belum dicuci

Air aquarium belum terisi

Untuk menyapu taman, aku belum membeli lidi


Ada juga pikiran-pikiran yang belum pula diekstraksi

Rasa-rasanya membuat geli

Resahnya datang bertubi

Dan tidak mampu ditampik berkali-kali


Karena di sekitar pukul 3 dini hari

Pikiran yang belum terekstrasi ini

Menjadi sangat keji


Pelan menggerogoti

Meminta makan, meminta nasi

Meminta isi


Sekitar pukul 3 pagi

Aku dibangunkan pertiwi

Katanya ‘Yuk, mari

Bangkit dan bereskan semua ini’


In between 5-6 Oct

Diantara 5 sampai 6 Oktober
Di kala dijebak oleh macet Cihampelas,

Kami makan junk food

Menu keju baru, katanya.
Di kala bulan masih baru dalam tampak,

Kami menyalakan api

Menghisap dan menghembus asap
Di kala malam tidak lagi ranum,

Kami tertawa bodoh

Melihat nyala dan lampu dan gerakan visual
Di kala malam menjadi nakal

Kami menjadi gila

Berenang pukul 11 malam tanpa apa-apa selain tawa dan layang pandang ke langit
Di kala malam mengganti hari

Kami bertindak tetiba

Menyalakan mesin dan pergi untuk mencari dentuman keras EDM 
Di kala subuh yang di luar hening

Kami berisik di dalam

Mengikuti alur dentum dan lampu-lampu lucu 
Di kala subuh sudah matang

Kami lapar

Mengingat hal yangterjadi hari itu dan menertawakannya
Di kala subuh akan pergi

Kami berjalan-jalan

Menduduki jalan aspal senyaman sofa, tertawa dan meresapi bintang dengan seksama
Di kala subuh bahkan sudah mengantuk

Kami kembali pulang

Menyecap hari tanpa matahari dengan khidmat

Ingatan kabur antara booze, kilatan lampu, asap, dan dentuman EDM

Bersama orang yang tepat

Kami menyesap nikmat yang ada di antara 5-6 Oktober.

An Aerotica Prose (might define vulgar so get yourself, read with open mind will ya?)

Long trip makes you productive as fuck

Flow of thoughts and never ending wanders and longing

And this thought goes to my dried lips

This train trip that delivers me to Yogyakarta that takes almost 10 hours

And my butt started to cramp.

Before, I bought a pack of cigarettes at convenience store.

And damn this long trip with mind full of wave of thoughts,

emerge the needs of burning cigarettes on my lips

Smokes and how it exhales my pressure.

And this flash pieces of memories

Between flashing lights and thumping sound,

A taste of trace of cigarettes on somebody lip

How tender smell approaching my skin

Muscle of my nose starts tingling

And how it lingers on my throat

Not only burn cigars which taste I vividly remember within this trip

The sweet flavor of tequila and others booze you sip also stays

In your tongue

And mine

I savor it.

The night, the beat, and how our body sway in between.

And I cherish the lingering taste of cigars and booze in your mouth

And how it trade to mine.


Everything about her is sexual

How her lips sew and seal

And how her hips move
The curve within that S-tube dress

And how her butt making a huge silhouette 

Her hair flick

And the way she sways within light and smoke 

But more over 

She the way she confront herself

And bluntly facing the light

The way she speaks her words

And random act she makes

And ah

Her anonymity 

She refuse to glue with any thing
She stand tall all by her self 

By her own kisses and cries

Her own back and back seat of her car
She’s alone

But not lonely 
Everything about her is sexual

Bold and daring

It will be short, I swear

Disclaimer: the artwork is not mine, I pick it from Instagram.
‘She takes her cigars out.

And burn one.

Sweet move of fire from her lighter.

And out of sudden, smokes fulfilling her sight.

Covering her face.

And she discover 

That the smokes is not only burn her lung out.

But also to sip away her despair and vain

Harm and pain

And to remind her, how unreal his kisses were.

A slight move, just like the cigars being lit. Only untouchable smokes remain.’

Wadu. Ketawan!

Halo, selamat sore!
So I crave to post this, stats of my WordPress account. 

WordPress been amazing for these past months, being a platform of mine to express my longing and thoughts, and fulfilling my needs to speak virtual words and visual fantasy I unable to draw in real life. Thank you WordPress!
More over, is the facility WordPress provide, giving clear and vivid stats over my WordPress view. Yes, I may know who and when and what that random readers press on my WordPress account!


Here’s the view 

As you can see, I am able to track down my post stats, how many visitors and click and even the random where abouts. Well, not exactly where it only says ‘Indonesia’. And I ever had visitors from France and Canada, which surprise me!
I am able to know which post random readers read, how many clicks, and even how many times you play my Snapchat 10s vid. Yup I know you weirdo. LOL, kidding! I hope you enjoy my random snap! Or better, add my sc account 😝

As I had said before, I able to track down my posts stats. Which mean, I know which post has the highest click (well I assume you random readers just click, not wholefully read it). And so, here’s the stat :

Highest click drop to my post ‘AKU BENCI KUTANG!’. 
Oh well… Hmm I presume the title is ticklish for random readers to have further read but… Please guys if you may enlighten me what and why. As I assume, during my vulgar post, you random readers presume I will bluntly take off my bra or something.

Do enlighten me I am dying to know!

Anyway above all, I thank you, dear random readers, who spend your little precious times to click my WordPress account and read some random thoughts of mine. It means much, and I thank you to those who give me appreciation I never expect to get!

May you guys live in prosper and happiness during this Saturday nite. And productive. Peace out!
(The stats shown is from latest data, recorded til 8th Octobet 2016)

High for this

I still remember how the night went

It is such rage

So much rage
Started simply from light supper and light shop.
And bumpy muddy road.

And right aftet that, we sip one or two.

And my vision is lucid ever since.

I never stop smirking over ‘Starry Night’ of Van Gogh

I went crazy for the wave of ‘Leaving’ by Skrillex.

And they all said my bump is so big.
It was a rather hot night.

And we crave for wave and water.

Thus, we went there.
Between sky, 11, and random act.

We swam.

And wet.
And getting more nut.

As we craved for lightning of club and EDM music.
And we really went there!

The dawn was as crazy as it seems.

The crowd, the beat, the somehow getting lost in circle fella, the shittiest outer guy and bump,

Over glasses of beer and smokes of green

Til Yellow Claw was our cue to go

But it was lit.
I cherished it.

The night, and people who know what to do when the bass line drop.