I think it was meant to be
Tho I still can taste of you every time I swallow

And how the burst in my tummy turn blast by that touch

But it was all blurred
I sip away all hard booze

And damn it’s 2 in the morning

Well I’m awake and presence 

And I gotta tell the light and smokes bias the stage we hit on
Everything was real

Yet blurred to be recall
It was suppose to be like that, I suppose?

Like a single clap 

Single big clap in empty space

That’s sound echoing after
I gotta admit it was fun

But not preferable of a joyous one

You were rushing

And we both drunk by the ideal moments of drink, light, upbeat music, and cigarettes.

And the lip pressure was… Empty.
I have this ticklish curiosity

For what that night was

And how the next night will be


taste of a reminiscing

I swallow a thrill ride

Which was a prime one,

But it gave no odd


Exploring a tower down with kiss

And lip and toung string along

It was a prime one

The tower, the anything.

It was a prime one


Yup my dear this is not a form of fable

That the pleasure is tangible

I savor it


Beyond, the tower was not the only thing being explore

As I come cross 1-2 thing of how the fettle will render more joy


Ah, my head

As I recall the thrilling ride

And a tower

Air rintik di bulan Agustus

Agak aneh rasanya

Melihat rintik-rintik hujan di siang ini

Jejaknya terlihat di kaca jendela

Terik ya matahari

Tapi aneh, air ini jatuh ke bawah

Dari gemulung awan di langit

Walau di sebelahnya, nih, matahari ada

Tampak dan bersinar dan cerah

Dari dipan aku berdiri

Mengibaskan rempah-rempah roti

Hendak memandangi hujan

Terdengar suara samar TV usang

Layarnya tinggal layar semut

Sayup-sayup langkah kaki

Timbul tenggelam suaranya 

Berbalap dengan hujan dan gemerisik TV usang

Masih terpana loh, aku

Hujan ini turun tapi matahari terik

Dan dalam jalannya, jejaknya ada di kaca


Kudekatkan diri ke kaca

Masih terpana aku dengan hujan ini

Dicobalah aku melihat melalui jejak hujan di kaca

Apalah yang membuat air turun

Lalu, bias

Tak jelas 

Objek yang kucoba tembus pandang di jendela tidak terawang

Tak dapat diterka

Tidak dapat ada

sure thing Yoan, drink up the coke at 4 in the morning

I once encounter with a friend

Feels like a station meeting where we both waiting for our train to come


It was so random and ready

As if we had prepared for the meeting and it was not unconditional one

I was so ready, with tickets on my hand and luggage to travel

And damn the coffee you had in your hand is just exactly what I need

Somehow I sip yours, and you had the quackers I brought

We share food and moments


As we talk, I think we both lost in our conversation

Neglecting the fact that we had train to pick us

And with this presence of yours, I’ll go wherever you will go

We both got a little bit drunk, as you offer the 4 cans of beer you have

and I open one bottle of wine I brought exclusively for my own trip


It was fun, light and delightful, with a little bit fling and flirts,

and I suppose, mutual feeling?


The horn rings loud

And somehow your existence is no longer to be seen.

I thought I see you around the crowd

and as I called your name I swear you glinch


But, oh well

You give no good bye

And I already had so much with disappearence til I have no more room for flows of feeling

It felt nothing

Nothing but a little bit confuse

And more walls


Course, I am welcoming any encounter with you, my friend

I had not able to dig you deep down

And I believe you are with the same boat as I do


Or, we are meant to be?

Not to fall in each other misery?

Left out with quest and ticklish memories?


Ah, anyway.

The moments already burried away.