It is 15 to twelve

And my thought is in longing of you
For sweet lite talk

With liquor sip and slip thru our lip

Oh, how much I wish it is more than that
As a recall wakes and lit the memoirs of mine

Of your rush presence, that luckily being capture

By a 10 seconds of snapchat history

And 2 secs of your existences.
It was fun

It was sweet

It was a fairy tale and thank God it remains as one

Like a sting

Snap and gone
It is all sweet and nice memoirs

All candy and chocolate
And thank God it remains that way

As this delicate memoirs I am not gonna touch 

It may falls to pieces

And no, I won’t let it happen
And yes I’m in profound with memoirs of you

Sweet delicate and gentle kiss of you, between nights, smokes, and wines.


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