An Alice I am

I grow

And I hit the ceiling

My hair stuck between the roof,

and I bend my neck so hard

or, I am not growing?

That this house got shrink?

That everything  decrease,

everything getting smaller.

either way,

I am not fit in.

The floor is too small,

I barely move my toes.

My head hit the roof,

that I have to bow so deep that my chin meet my neck.

My fingers hit the wall.

I barely move it.


I confuse.

As in this stertorous space

I am so qualm.

I am not fit in here.

But I don’t know what to do.

Should I bump my head and crash the roof?

Should I fist the wall and then break free?

Should I stand up and let the rest shaking off the rest of the house?

I am not sure.

But I know.

I don’t fit in here.

Whatever happen after I break free,

I know this house just no good.


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