5 Undervalued Aspects of Being Single – a duet of EliteDaily and my thought

Found this on my Tumblr. Yes, I have Tumblr. But I that platform is for more wild thought of mine.

So, I bump myself to this post in Elite Daily and try to imply with the real deal in me. Yup, these short descriptions I had reading these 5 points and my thought, in duet.


1. I learned valuable lessons. As I observed the dynamics of relationship from my taken friends as ‘relationship encyclopedias’, I compile all these to formulate the relationship that I need and I want and the how-to.

2. High school sweetheart-have none.

3.I’m awesome at talking the stranger. As the pick-up-line ‘ada yang marah gak nih kalo gue chat?’ won’t gimme boundaries to socialize. Longtime singles are used to navigate situations without partner, I’ll adapt unfamilliar conditions and emerge with friends with friends-and crush.

4.I’ve developed solid standard. All people are different and contra and help me to determine what I want and I do not want. I’m not fall to every guys I meet and willing to hold the passionate connection I expect.

5.I’ve grown to be very independent. Autonomy is by product of being single. My independence has lead me to thrive by my ownself. I support myself, fuel personal, and solely responsible for my quality of life.


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